he tradition of our company, commences in 1935 in Lesbos` island, where Vassilios Kaldis founded the first small pottery workshop.

After the War, the son of the founder, Emmanuel Kaldis, establishes the renewed Company in Piraeus port, where he successfully continues its activity and enters in the tableware pottery field (i.e. plates, cups, etc)

In 1986, Emmanuel Kaldis, following the family’s tradition, gains a leading place in the pottery field and conquers the Greek market.

In 1991, the company’s headquarters, are transferred and finally established in our private, newfangled, of 2.500 m2 premises, in Rentis area, Piraeus.

After finishing his university studies, the son of Emmanuel Kaldis, Vassilios, joins the company and dynamically contributes to its progress.

In 1997, EMM. KALDIS CO., expands once more its activities, and enters into Glass Market. Since then, activates in Tableware manufacturing and decoration (i.e. tumblers, fruit bowls, pots, centrepieces, bottles, etc.).

The expansion of our company in the last years and the recognition in the National Market urged us to organize a large Sales network with representatives throughout Greece and enforced us to participate in the most important exhibitions related to Glass and Tableware.

Despite its rapid evolution, EMM. KALDIS CO., managed to preserve its family character, and at the same time to enrich its personnel with experienced executives placed in key-positions, enabling its owners to build a Firm Company.

After the succession of the son the company VASSILIOS KALDIS managed to

specialize in decorative glass-fusing. The very well organized unit, in combination

with the latest technology machinery such as sand blasting, hydro cut machine and

laser machine offer the advantage to manufacture any kind of design either in glass or in metal.

In 1999, our company, started its exports campaign and until this moment has created a great outbound clientele in more than 30 countries in all over the world.

This type of glass procedure inspired of the latest ideas converts our work to art

enable to enter in every house to assimilate in every single day of our lives.

Cover your place with glass worked with the hand where the spirit of art lives!!